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Explorers and Parents

We hope that you all had a good and Happy 4th of July. We are back at this week with a meeting and Tower Day.

This week:

07/08/2020 - Meeting At FDC

07/11/2020 - Tower Day At FDC

Housekeeping Items:

Make sure to bring you own water bottle! This is important as it is hot and you need to stay hydrated.

Message from Captain Broch:

About Masks Part 2 from Captain Broch--are you practicing wearing it, are you getting used to it, you must wear it to get used to it. Like anything the more practice, the better you will get. With that being said, if it is too tight, get a bigger one, certain models aren’t as tight around your nose, they make a little pocket, like a cone or puff out a bit, so it is not right next to your nose and pressing on it. Make sense?

The mask always needs to cover your nose and mouth. If you need a break to take it off talk to the Instructors.

Also, want to make sure everyone heard the fire department announced it is closed until 1/01/21. What that means to the Fire Explorer is that there are no station tours and no ride alongs. The fire department will reevaluate in December 2020 for the year 2021.

Hang in there, we got this…remember to train hard when you are at Fire Explorers!!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out! Thank you for your continued support of the CSFD Explorer Post 1894.

Sincerely, Shannon Jantzen CSFD Explorer Post 1894 Advisory Board

Good Evening Explorers and Parents:

If the HW is not completed you will not be able to attend next week and as there will be too much to catch and slow down the group.

Homework for all parents and Explorers to read, sign, bring back with you and understand how we start Fire Explorers. We will also be sending this to all Instructors and Adult Leaders.

#1 Review your manual for our rules and regulations…

#2 Read all attachments and follow the hyperlinks and read that material as well! We will be following all Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) recommendations for social distancing and summer camps. Summer camps are allowed a 25-person maximum group size outdoors while social distancing and 10 or fewer indoors while social distancing. YOU WILL NEED TO BRING A CLOTH FACE MASK AND THE SIGNED COVID PERMISSION SLIP TO PARTICIPATE IN FIRE EXPLORERS. The cloth face mask must be solid color without designs, prints or messages (writing). Explorers must bring a water bottle of your own so there is no cross contamination. That can have stickers and different colors on it to identify it is yours. At Explorer meetings we will be “Social Distancing” and doing the following: Maintaining a minimum of six feet of distance from each other At the start of each Fire Explorer activity Fire Explorers and other attendees will complete symptom checks during check-in • At the start of every meeting Fire Explorers and other attendees will have their temperature checked • Avoiding physical contact including but not limited to, handshakes, fist bumps, and hugs • Fire Explorers will wear a cloth face mask while participating in Fire Explorers and not in an SCBA facepiece • Fire Explorers will wash their hands for 20 seconds at the beginning of the meeting and as often as is practical throughout the meeting • Fire Explorers will utilize hand sanitizer stations on the drill field • Fire Explorers will disinfect highly touched surfaces regularly • Skill stations will be small groups and outside when possible • SCBA's will be issued to a Fire Explorer and cleaned regularly • Cover your mouth using a tissue or the inside of your elbow when you cough or sneeze. • KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR FACE • If you become ill stay at home These procedures will be followed by all participants, instructors, adult volunteers, and Fire Explorers. Our first meeting will include orientation to the new ways we need to complete Fire Explorer Meetings. We will need a squad to assist with Check-in We will need a decon squad We will need a squad to help with setup at each meeting Of course we still need a lead, a backup and an attendance officer. We will still have partners-6 ft apart but we can do this! Only 2 Explorers or people allowed in the conex at anytime Only 2 people at a time in the restrooms/locker rooms Our schedule thus far is 6/24 and 6/27 Wednesday 6/24 is from 1830-2030 hours. Saturday 6/27 is from 0900-1600 hours. We will discuss July’s schedule and release it at these meetings. There will not be a meeting the first week in July 7/1 or 7/4. This is new for all of us as leaders, volunteers and you as a Fire Explorer. We are as committed as ever to train, grow and learn together about the fire service while keeping you safe. There will be modifications and it will get quicker as we learn and familiarize ourselves with the process. I am planning to do all our training this summer outside. At this link read the top three categories: Households, workplaces, vehicles, How to clean and disinfect surfaces, and How to clean and disinfect your clothes, towels and linens.

Accountability is way more important now…hope you are accounted for we need 100% at all times no excuses or exceptions.

Check under COVID-19 for forms and information.

See you all next week! Captain Broch