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Do you want to be a CSFD Explorer?

Enrollment for the Colorado Springs Fire Explorers is one time a year that will take place in January 2021. Please do email your information for the up coming year. We will be intouch with each and everyone one of you. 

Our next enrollment and open house period for new CSFD Explorers will be January 2021 (date will be announced in October). If you are interested in joining our Fire Explorer program please email your contact information (Name, address, email address and phone number) to:

Janelle Smith - CSFD Explorers - 719-332-4030


Good Morning Explorers and Parents,

The following is from Captain Broch:

Reminder - I have been working with Admin to codify the wishes of the Fire Department with the recent rise in COVID. These decisions are not made lightly but the fire department is seeing a large number of COVID cases. Both unvaccinated and vaccinated. Our goal at Fire Explorers has and still is to not bring COVID to the department. The Fire Explorers and all of you have been phenomenal at that for 21 months now.

As a result the following changes are being made with the start of 2022: • No ride alongs for Fire Explorers • No Station tours for Fire Explorers • The start of all Explorers will be pushed back to February with the orientation date being 02/05/2022 - This is subject to change, so please make sure you are checking your emails and annual parents meeting. Further details will be put out in the Monday emails for the month of January. It is important that you are checking every Monday as things may change and dates may change. Please take all preventative steps to keep you and your family safe! The pandemic has taken its toll on all of us in very different ways.

We encourage you all to take classes if you are in pause during this time.

Thank you for your continued support of your Explorer and Post 1894.

Thanks, Shannon Jantzen CSFD Explorer Post 1894 Advisory Board